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Luminar Silica Grog

Price: $15.00

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Luminar Silica Grog is a high purity granular material made by grinding quality silica solids to a desired mesh size. Grog is a raw material that contains granules of crushed refractory material. Grog is traditionally used to add strength and texture to refractory cements and castables, high temperature molding materials, clay bodies and ceramics. Adding silica grog reduces the shrinkage and warping experienced during drying and firing, allows for even drying, prevents cracking, improves fired abrasion resistance, reduces thermal expansion, reduces density, and adds visual texture. Luminar Silica Grog contains a very high percentage of silica (SiO2). This silica grog will withstand temperatures up to approximately 1780⁰C (3200 ⁰F) and is white in color.  Silica Grog is available in a wide range of mesh sizes (mesh size is the number of openings per square inch) for use in various industrial and craft production procedures.

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