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Luminar Boron Nitride Release

Price: From $86.00 to $366.00

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Luminar Boron Nitride Release (ZRCI RS-BN Coat) is a high temperature, anti-stick release agent/lubricant for glass forming, hot pressing, super-plastic forming of alloys and melting/casting of non-ferrous metals. Luminar Boron Nitride Release forms a non-wetting, non-reacting layer with molten aluminum and magnesium and their dross. It is ideal for forming a barrier layer to protect metal, ceramic, or graphite substrates used for metal transport or casting operations. This release’s high electrical resistance and high thermal conductivity makes it useful as a protective coating on electrical heating elements. It is available in a paint or as an aerosol. The aerosol allows easy application of uniform, thin layers, and the acetone/alcohol based carrier assures fast drying. Luminar Boron Nitride Release is useful to temperatures to 1816°C (3300°F) in inert and reducing atmospheres. In vacuum atmospheres, can be used to 1400°C (2552°F) before sublimation, and in oxidizing atmospheres, its use temperature is 1093°C (2000°F).

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