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Luminar Alumina Coat

Price: From $30.00 to $307.00

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Luminar Alumina Coat is a water solution of high purity alumina. It is an excellent bonding agent for Luminar Moldable Sheet and a rigidizer for Luminar Fiber Sheet PaperIt can be applied with a brush or sponge or used to saturate cut pieces of Luminar Fiber Sheet Paper.  These combinations allow for the creation of unique slumping and fusing molds.  A light coat of Luminar Alumina Coat diluted with equal parts water should be applied with a nylon brush prior to each firing. Depending on the glass and firing schedule some sticking may occur. Testing of the sheet is recommended before firing a major piece. Should sticking occur a sheet of Luminar Ceramic Paper may be placed on the Luminar Fusing Sheet to act as a parting agent. 

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