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Luminar Fiber Shelf Paper

Price: From $15.00 to $23.00

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Luminar Fiber Shelf Paper (ZRCI ASPA Papers) are premium grade, lightweight refractory materials made from high purity alumina-silica fibers.  These highly flexible sheets are virtually shot free and are the cleanest refractory papers available. They are ideal for applications up to 1260°C (2300°F). This papers long fibers have great strength after firing, allowing for repeated use at high temperatures.  Luminar Fiber Shelf Paper is of superior quality giving an almost smooth finish to the underside of finished glass.  It can be easily cut with either scissors or a sharp knife.  Several layers can be bonded together with Luminar Alumina Coat to form letters, numbers, or raised geometric shapes to create a high relief design.  Used as a wrap for several layers of glass strips or circles, a lightly textured surface can be given to boxes or pedestals.  When used as a shelf liner it can be rolled flat before placing on the kiln shelf.  A small amount of organic present in the paper will cause some smoke on initial heat-up. 


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