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Luminar Moldable Blanket

Price: $252.00

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Luminar Moldable Blankets (ZRCI RS-A Moldable Blankets) are tough ceramic fiber reinforced insulation which contains no asbestos.  Luminar Moldable Blankets are ideally suited for a wide range of high temperature, high thermal shock applications such as glass slumping and fusing molds. These blankets are 100% inorganic, non-flammable and contains no asbestos. The high Al2O3 content of this product makes it highly resistant to many environments, including molten aluminum and molten glass.  When wetted, Luminar Moldable Blanket can be easily formed into a wide variety of simple and complex shapes. Drying results in a strong rigid shape that can be re-wet to restore the original moldability. Baking irreversibly removes the moldability, leaving these blankets unaffected by moisture. Luminar Moldable Blankets can be frozen and thawed repeatedly with no loss in moldability or other properties.  Luminar Moldable Blanket can be dried rapidly, either with a torch or by applying directly to a hot furnace, to make quick repairs of cracks in, or to replace missing, refractories. Luminar Moldable Blanket is ideal when a stronger glass slumping mold is needed.

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